Pan pizzas


All pan pizzas contain tomato paste, cheese and mozzarella cheese. Ask for low lactose alternative.

201. Venetto
13.10 €

ham, pineapple
202. Toscano
13.40 €

ham, salami
203. Rimini
14.10 €

avocado, bacon, Balsamic sauce, chicken
204. Parma
13.60 €

blue cheese, ham, pineapple
205. Torino
14.10 €

feta cheese, kebab meat, salami
206. Piemonte
14.10 €

blue cheese, jalapeno, pepperoni
207. Calabria
14.20 €

dill, shrimps, tuna fish
208. Pollo BBQ
13.80 €

bbq-sauce, chicken, pineapple
209. Emilia
13.80 €

blue cheese, chicken, peach
210. Pollo Béarnaise
13.90 €

béarnaise sauce, chicken, pepperoni
211. Toro Sisiliana
14.20 €

beef, jalapeno, red onion, tomato slices
212. Toro BBQ
14.40 €

bacon, bbq-sauce, beef, sweet pepper
213. El Greco
13.80 €

feta cheese, olives, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes
214. Primavera
13.80 €

Balsamic sauce, goat cheese, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes
215. Panfantasia
14.90 €

Three fillings of your own choice.

anchovy, asparagus, avocado, bacon, basil, bbq-sauce, béarnaise sauce, beef, blue cheese, bolognese sauce, cactus strips, capers, chicken, chilijam, cold smoked salomon, feta cheese, fresh basil, Fresh chili, goat cheese, grilled aubergine, ham, hearts of artichoke, jalapeno, kebab meat, mascarpone cheese, mushrooms, mussels, olives, Parma ham, Parmesan flakes, peach, pear, pepperoni, pesto sauce, pine nuts, pineapple, porcini, pulled pork, red onion, rocket, salami, shrimps, Spanish chorizo sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet pepper, teriyaki chicken, Texas Pete sauce, tomato slices, tuna fish, wild mushrooms