1. 12.50 € Pasta Pesto

    Olive, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese in pesto sauce (pesto sauce contains nuts)

  2. 11.90 € Pasta Alfredo

    Champignon and bacon in traditional Alfredo-sauce (butter, cream and parmesan) with Tagliatelle pasta

  3. 12.20 € Pasta di Gamberi

    Shrimps in a tomato and cream sauce with a hint of garlic and dill

  4. 11.90 € Pasta Gorgonzola

    For blue cheese lovers: pasta with ham in a creamy Aura blue cheese sauce.

  5. 13.10 € Pasta di Salmone

    Cold-smoked salmon in italian mascarpone sauce and Tagliatelle pasta

  6. 12.90 € Tortellini Pesto

    Stuffed pasta with goat cheese and pesto sauce (pesto sauce contains nuts)

  7. 12.40 € Pasta alla Noce

    Aura blue cheese, walnuts, pear in creamy sauce

  8. 12.50 € Pasta Mascarpone

    Aura blue cheese, parmesan and fresh basil in mascarpone sauce and Tagliatelle pasta

  9. 12.20 € Pasta alle olive e Gamberi

    shimps, olives, cherrytomatoes in a cremy pestosauce

  10. 13.50 € Pasta Scampi e Lime

    King prawn tails, lime juice, hot chili jam, garlic, parsley, rocket and parmesan

  11. 12.50 € Pasta Ettore

    Salami, Aura blue cheese, pineapple and jalapenos in a creamy sauce

  12. 12.20 € Pasta di Mamma

    Traditional italian pasta with meatballs in a tomato-basil sauce

  13. 11.90 € Pasta Pollo Verde

    Chicken and feta in pesto sauce (pesto sauce contains nuts)

  14. 11.90 € Pasta Pil Pil

    Shrimps, garlic and hot chili jam in a tomato-basil sauce

  15. 11.90 € Pasta Bombay

    Chicken and pineapple in a creamy curry sauce

  16. 13.20 € Tortellini Artica

    Braised venison and cep mushrooms in a cream sauce with stuffed pasta

  17. 12.40 € Pasta Piccante

    Chicken, goat cheese and hot chili jam in a cream sauce

  18. 12.80 € Tortellini Fresco

    Stuffed pasta, goat cheese and rocket in a creamy sauce

  19. 12.90 € Pasta Fantasia

    Choose your own favourite pasta and sauce with three fillings